Your adolescent might be experiencing a crisis, family conflict, academic difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma or experiencing difficult relationships. Many teens don’t want to open up to their parents for fear they will be punished, disciplined, shamed or ignored​

I use a non-directive activity therapy approach, and a variety of experiential and creative interventions to encourage expression and exploration in a safe, non-threatening way. Having a safe, trusted therapist for your teen to talk to provides an outlet in which they can begin to learn how to process their feelings and develop healthy coping skills to face life challenges.

Benefits of Creative Therapy:

  • Anger management
  • Development of Self-Soothing/Copying Skills
  • Empathy development
  • Identification and expressions of feelings
  • Increase self-esteem and Self-worth
  • Self Regulation, Self Responsibility
  • Healthy Relationships, Self care
  • Setting boundaries