Individual & Couples


I provide individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. I believe psychotherapy is most beneficial when your goals for treatment are developed collaboratively.

People often initiate individual treatment to discuss different aspects of their lives and explore difficulties they are having in managing various types of challenges.

Psychotherapy aims to find the sources of your difficulties in order to help you overcome them, and, in general, to experience more freedom in your life.

Therapy is about feeling supported, gaining clarity and bridging the gap between what you want and what you do in order to feel more alive and have more choice. We will work together to develop insights and lasting changes tailored to your needs and life experiences.


In couples psychotherapy, the patient is the couple. Although, the couple is composed of two individuals, the couple’s dynamics are at the center of the work in treatment.

Couples therapy is designed to help each individual in the couple become a more effective partner by learning how to resolve conflict, explore ways to fight fairly, and identify broken communication patterns.

One of the gifts of intimate relationships is that they can provide an opportunity to work things through that been painful or traumatic in the past. Couples therapy can help to heal traumatic patterns rather than to repeat those patterns in your relationship.

Sometimes, couples feel confused about whether to stay together or not. The goal in these cases is to reassess the situation, gain clarity and to help make informed decisions.

My aim is to help you get your relationship on a new footing, so that it becomes a partnership from which you both can grow.