Child & Adolescent

In child and adolescent therapy, children and adolescents will learn to understand and manage their feelings and behaviors more effectively, recognize and change poor coping strategies, and re-examine negative feelings about themselves, their families and others.

The goal of treatment is to work together with the family to overcome current difficulties, but also to help each child and adolescent reach his/her full potential in all areas of life, and to build long-lasting strength and resilience.

Child and adolescent psychodynamic psychotherapy relies heavily on collaboration with parents during each phase of the treatment. In addition to helping the child and teen develop healthier coping strategies, the therapy aims to restore and strengthen the relationship between the child/teen and their parents toward a loving and mutually gratifying one.

Play Therapy (Ages 3-12)

Play therapy uses a variety of play and creative art techniques to assist young children to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Through play, children learn to regulate their emotions, modify their behavior, understand the world around them, and become more resilient in facing life situations.