Body Psychotherapy


“When you have no words for your feelings, for what happened to you, for what is missing in you, we listen  to  the inner struggles as it lives in your body”  Bob Lewis

Bioenergetic analysis is based in the understands that the problems of the mind are revealed in the body. Bioenergetic combines work with the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and gain joy in living. Body and mind are identical like two sides of the same coin: what goes in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa. This type of therapy helps you to connect with your tenderness, your aggression, and your sexuality. The interventions are geared toward healing emotional issues by helping you connect with your body, mind and energy in order to better connect with yourself and others.

The Mind-Body Connection

Bioenergetic psychotherapists believe that what effects the body effects the mind; and what affects the mind affects the body. Bioenergetic therapy works with the whole person by addressing conflicts and trauma cognitively, emotionally and physically. Individuals gain greater awareness of old patterns of behavior, increased capacity to tolerate and resolve conflict or trauma, and enhanced the ability to experience pleasure.


Bioenergetic therapy uses a combination of physical interventions and analysis to provide a therapeutic interpretation to create change. Bodywork interventions utilize movement, breathing, therapeutic touch, sound, and grounding to help you connect to your most authentic self.

Interventions and Techniques:


To breathe deeply is to be fully alive. Breathing is connected to our emotional states. We suppress emotion by holding our breath and tensing our muscles. Deepening one’s breathing releases held painful emotions and memories. Freeing these emotions and memories through the body and energetic processes makes change possible.


Grounding means having your feet on the ground and standing on your own two feet. Being ungrounded means being a pushover, having your head in the clouds, being weak-kneed or being hung up. A primary goal in Bioenergetic therapy is to become more grounded in one’s self and in one’s relationships with others. Being grounded allows us to realistically move into life and to strive for what we desire.


In bioenergetic analysis, therapeutic touch is sometimes used to help you bring awareness to your body, or to help release the tension in chronically held muscle groups. Therapeutic touch can also be used to help support you during the re-experiening and release of past traumatic material, and to assist you in making new movements outside your usual restricted range.

The guidelines for the use of therapeutic touch include asking your permission when therapeutic touch is involved, respecting your personal boundaries and preferences in the use of therapeutic touch, and staying within the guidelines for the use of therapeutic touch designated by your therapist’s licensing board and professional association. In bioenergetic analysis therapeutic touch is used to bring healing.

As a Bioenergetic Psychotherapist,

I will provide interventions to help you move toward change, and place special attention on the patterns of the body in relation to movement, breath, posture and emotional expression. In this work every physical expression of the body has meaning; the quality of an handshake, the posture, the look in the eyes, the tone of voice, the way of moving, the amount of energy.

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