Bioenergetic Analysis: Body & Mind

The mind and body is a unit. The problems of the mind are revealed in the body.

Bioenergetic Analysis is a highly effective, body-based psychotherapy that helps resolve emotional issues by engaging the wisdom of the body in a safe and caring relationship with a highly-trained psychotherapist.

How does it work?

Bioenergetic Analysis understands that our early life experiences leave emotional and physical imprints on our body. Our physiological responses (i.e., shallow breathing, low energy, tense jaw, or neck or back pain) can relate to significant events our lives that are stored in our brains, cells and muscles.

Early traumatic events manifest in adult life physically as well as psychologically.


  1. Awareness: The focus is on making note of muscular tensions and breathing patterns in order to bring awareness to how unconscious holdings may be impacting your emotional and physical health.
  2. Physical Interventions: These are used to help bring more aliveness and movement to the body.  They may include stretching, breathing, and stress reduction tools to expand the range of states you are able to experience.  This can help increase your capacity for movement, often resulting in increased resilience, creativity, and improved self-expression.
  3. Direct Expression: You may be asked to participate in exercises or experiences to deepen your emotional expression.  These are designed to support an expanded range of feelings and a deepening emotional awareness.
  4. Touch: This is sometimes used to help bring awareness to your body, to release tension, and to support the expression of feelings.  The use of touch is dependent on your comfort level and designated as an approved technique by my licensing board and professional associations.

Qualifications for Bioenergetic Psychotherapists

Bioenergetic psychotherapists must complete a four-year training program through the International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis and undergo at least two years of clinical supervision by a master teacher.