About Dr. Leeiner Munoz

About Dr. Leeiner Munoz

The most important aspect of therapy is a trusting relationship in which one feels valued, understood, recognized and seen. I work with people who want to understand the connections between past experiences and patterns in their current lives to have more satisfying relationships. The people I work with want to feel connected to others, repair past relationships, participate in corrective and reparatory experiences, understand their feelings, actions and thoughts, and be at peace with themselves. Many suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, body image or eating, and find themselves in challenging periods of transitions.

We'll create an environment where you feel safe enough to talk without editing yourself. Together, we'll reflect on what emerges, understand it in relation to your unique history, personality & circumstances. Through this process you will develop greater self-awareness, gain insight into troubling patterns & make changes that lead to a more fulfilling life.

In my practice, I utilize psychoanalytic and somatic (body-mind) therapy. I work with children, adults & couples. I am part of the teaching faculty at the University of North Texas, actively involved with the local/ international society of Bioenergetics Analysis (Body-Mind), and currently attending the psychoanalytic program at NPAP in New York.

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